User experience Nomidol

The story she shared with us Jessica London. I'll tell you about the experience of use of the drug Nomidol and the results of treatment.

My experience of the use of the ointment Nomidol can be called very successful. But all in turn.

It's hard to say, where I managed to be infected by the fungus. Most likely, this happened in the pool, which I visit twice a week. I always take security measures and go to a swimming pool in rubber flip-flops. But don't rule out that you might forget about the shoes and walk barefoot on the tile. In general, it doesn't matter exactly where met with an infection. The most unpleasant was waiting for me after.

The first thing that I noticed — profuse sweating-stop. Very scratched legs, but I don't understand what it is to make. And after a few days I started to yellowing the nail on the big toe. Then I realized that I have fungi. Of course, immediately refused from swimming at your favorite swimming pool and change open sandals to closed shoes, although at the time the road was the strong heat. I immediately went to a doctor. He asked me to ointment. Prescribed me the medication I used during the week, but no result change the appearance of a stop I didn't see. Itching and peeling, also, have not passed.

Then I started to the independent treatment, I started looking for information about anti-fungal medication, to study the experience of other paralyzed this scourge. I chose cream Nomidol. It was for sale online without a prescription, and I decided to order the drug. The more worth of the drug is quite cheap, I bought Nomidol for the price . The use of the drug does not cause any problem: the cream is enough to apply on clean skin to the point of destruction fungal infection.

The experience from the use of the cream Nomidol from London

Cream I really liked: a nice, low fat, good smell. Already after the first use, I felt relief. Passed unbearable itching and excessive sweating. These symptoms of fungal diseases ceased to torment me. Then I saw that the yellow nail gradually becomes normal color. And within a month of use Nomidol might wear open shoes, to get back to a normal way of life and finally to proceed to the my favorite activities in the pool.

In the future I'll be more careful in the pool. I will not allow myself to walk without shoes, and I'll be regularly fungal prevention with the use of the cream Nomidol. With regard to the means, in my case he showed himself a fine. Can't say for sure. What is effective anti-fungal tool. With a clear conscience recommend Nomidol to all those who treat the fungus.