Instructions for use Nomidol

To use Nomidol just with detailed instructions for use. The process will not cause any difficulty. Application of the cream is very simple. The full program of treatment is 4 weeks. At this time there will be a full neutralization of the fungus. The tool should be applied to wounded area of the skin two times a day — morning and night. Massage cream gently massage.

Instructions for the cream Nomidol

Before, how to apply the drug, you will need to hygiene. Well steamed legs in the tub with herbs, such as chamomile and calendula. Then, you should carefully dry your feet with a towel and apply the cream, rubbing it into the skin until completely absorbed. The drug is not felt by the skin, does not stain clothes and bed linen.

Symptoms disappear after a week of use of the drug. The supplied with Nomidol the directive also contains information that it is appropriate to undertake a full course, even if symptoms have disappeared within a week. Under the nails may remain in the spores of fungi, which are able to cause re-infection.

Indications for use

Nomidol it is effective for dealing with all the manifestations of the fungal infection. The disease is accompanied by such events:

  • dry skin?
  • peeling it?
  • itching and burning sensation;
  • increased sweating;
  • thickening of the nail plates?
  • the appearance of the ulcers and cracks it?
  • yellowing and flaking of the nail?
  • appearance of unpleasant odors.

It is the main symptoms, the appearance of which you have to push the visit to the doctor. Without treatment symptoms will only increase, which will eventually lead to loss of the nail, deep cracks and ulcers. The reason for fungal defeat — pathogenic micro-organism. The pharmaceutical composition of the drug Nomidol it not only resolves the unpleasant symptoms, but have impact of the same fungus.


In the composition of the drug Nomidol contains only natural ingredients. Formula specially developed for gear fit to all patients in Switzerland. Contraindication for the use of the drug may be a personal intolerance to some accessory that accompanies Nomidol.

During pregnancy and lactation, use of the drug should be discussed with the treating physician. In the event of allergies application Nomidol we need to stop.